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Friday 11 March 2016

How to Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger blog theme with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to insert or add the footer credit link widget to the Blogger blog theme with Pictures.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger

What is a Footer Credit link widget?

The footer credit widget means a group of pages links that define a blog or it is a combination of some pages which are privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & conditions, contact us, sitemap pages with blog copyright tag.

Why we need to add the Footer Credit link widget to the blog?

The footer credit links are very important because these pages links tell the blog or website policy to the users for example - there is a disclaimer, term & condition, privacy policy, content us page, about us, and sitemap page, on the privacy policy page we just provide information about how we are managing the user privacy, on the disclaimer page we give the information about claims and warranty, on the terms and condition page we give the information about our services and user agreement.

On the contact-us page we provide an email address, with this email address any users or visitors easily mail us their queries, problem, and feedback, on the sitemap page it has all information about all pages and posts data and the copyright tag we add the copyright tag with a year in the blog footer.

Here I give you two ways to add the footer credit gadget first we use the default blogger theme option and we just add the copyright tag in it and the second we remove the default blogger theme option which means we remove the footer attribution gadget and replace it with the custom footer credit widget in the blog theme, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First way, we add a copyright tag in the default blogger theme option, now open the blogger blog dashboard and click the Layout option and go to the footer gadget section and click the Edit link.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger 1
Step 2: Now we just paste the copyright tag line and click the Save button, before we paste we change the blog name and year then we open the blog to see how its looks like.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger 2
Copyright Tag Line:-
Copyright by <b>Your-Blog-Name</b> | YEAR All Right Reserved
Step 3: Second way, we are adding a custom footer credit widget, now go in the first step and the footer gadget section we click the Add a Gadget link then select the HTML/JavaScript option.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger 3
Step 4Here you add your required pages in the custom footer credit link code (you just replace the hashtag # with your page URL) and copy again then paste it in the Content area and at last, we click the Save button.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger 4
Add Footer Credit Link widget Code:-
<div class='page-footer' style='text-align: center;'><div class='sitelinks'><p id='policy-pages'>
<a href='#'>Privacy Policy</a> | 
<a href='#'>Disclaimer</a> | 
<a href='#'>Terms and conditions</a> | 
<a href='#'>Contact</a> | 
<a href='#'>Feedback</a> | 
<a href='#'>Join this blog</a> | 
<a href='#'>Sitemap</a> | 
© Copyright <b>Your-Blog-Name</b> All Rights Reserved | Powered by <b>Your-Blog-Name</b>
Step 5: Now we just click and hold the gadget then drag to the footer section and click the Save theme button, but before that, you have to remove the blogger by-default attribution gadget.
Add Footer Credit Link widget to Blogger 5
Step 6: Now open the Blogger blog to check the footer results.

Useful Links - it is very obvious when you add privacy policy, a term and condition, copyright page, then first I give you some links where you can easily create these pages.
#1. Get Privacy Policy for blogger.
#2. Get Terms and conditions for blogger.
#3. Get Disclaimer for blogger.
#4. Get Copyright for blogger.

Now Visit the - Demo Blog to see the result.

Above I give you my demo blog link, where I enable the Footer Credit Link widget, if you are thinking to set up a Footer Credit gadget in your blog then first look at the gadget how it looks in my demo blog.


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