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Tuesday 30 August 2016

How to Create Restore Point in Windows 10 with Pictures

Hello guys welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to make or create a Restore Point in Windows 10 or 11 PC and laptop with pictures.
Create Restore Point in Windows 10

Why we need to create a Restore Point in Windows?

The Restore Point means to create a current system backup point in our computer system when we install some software, most of the time we are not taking any backup and somehow our Windows operating system PC or laptop gets corrupted then we don't have the option to recover our operating system, so here we are creating a restore point before we install some software in our Windows operating system it is a good practice because we can restore our computer to that current stage.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First you press the Window+I button from the keyboard now you will see the Settings page then click the System option that is the first one.
Create Restore Point in Windows 10 1
Step 2: Now you will see the right-side menus just scroll up and click the About option here you will click the System protection link.
Create Restore Point in Windows 10 2
Step 3: Now a new box appears in the middle of your device screen and you are in the System Protection tab then click the Create... button.
Create Restore Point in Windows 10 3
Step 4: Here type the Restore Point name and click the Create button.
Create Restore Point in Windows 10 4
Step 5: It takes some time then the message has come that the restore point is now successfully created.

I hope you enjoy this Post. If any problem comment it.


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