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Friday 29 April 2016

How to Add Followers gadget to Blogger blog with Pictures

Hello friends welcome to the Techtspot blog, today I will show you how to add the Followers gadget to the Blogger blog with pictures.
Add Followers gadget to Blogger

Why we need to add the Followers gadget to the blog?

Creating a blog is a very easy task but getting web traffic is very hard, when we are starting blogging or vlogging we need our fanbase to grow, but most of the authors are not focusing to create their fan-base or a community, and if you want to grow in the online world you have to create a community or a fan-base.

Now when we are creating a channel then we also recommend our viewers to subscribe to us in a similar way when we start a blog we add a follower button gadget using the follower button every time we update our new post the notification will be going to our followed users and we get chance that our followed user to visit our newly published post.

In the blogger platform, we easily find the follower button gadget, so in this post, I give you guidance on how you can add the Followers gadget to your blogger blog, now let's start.

These are the Following Steps:-
Step 1: First go to the blogger blog dashboard and click the Layout option, now find out the place where you want to add the Followers button then click the Add a Gadget link.
Add Followers gadget to Blogger 1
Step 2: Now a new window appears on your device screen, here you click the Followers gadget.
Add Followers gadget to Blogger 2
Step 3: Here you just give a title which you like to and click the Save button.
Add Followers gadget to Blogger 3
Step 4: Now open the Blogger blog to check the results and you can easily check my blog footer area I also add the Followers gadget.


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  4. how to custom it till looks different?

    1. Hello
      This gadgets provide by blogger if you want change the look then you can find CSS code on google

      Thanks for comment :)